About us

World Jet Trading was established in 1978 by Kristian L. Hougaard, who had accumulated a significant base of knowledge of the aircraft industry as a Boeing 707 captain.

Since this time World Jet Trading has sold and purchased corporate jet aircraft on a worldwide scale to a diverse set of clients including large corporations, high net worth individuals, public institutions, and governments.

From our business location in Copenhagen, Denmark we have a solid global coverage, allowing us to work with clients in the Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and North and South America, all in the course of a normal business day.


Being an independent trading organization with good relations to maintenance facilities, management companies, operators, etc., the services are truly objective and headed directly at the actual buyer and seller.

By operating this way World Jet Trading ApS has always managed to establish the fastest, most professional, and most economical lines of communications between the different parties involved in an aircraft transaction.

Detailed Price Forecasting and Trend Analysis, model by model

We continually conduct detailed market research and analysis across the entire global aircraft marketplace, transforming the data collected into precise price forecasting and trend analysis, for each aircraft model. This strategy provides our clients with the additional competitive advantage necessary to make the best aircraft sales and purchases. Our data reaches as far back as 1962 when the first Learjet was introduced.

In our experience, there is absolutely no other aircraft trading company in the world today that is able to so quickly and effectively contact key decision makers across the entire corporate jet ownership worldwide, while also providing the crucial market forecasting and analysis to enable our clients to make the best deals and at the proper time.

With our long history of highly successful aircraft trading and a highly respected reputation amongst our clients and within the industry, our success speaks for itself.

Analysis Department

World Jet Trading is experts in analyzing the market for Business Jets and provide a professional overview of the current market situation, or the trends for a specific model.

What is necessary is a complete picture and understanding of the historical aircraft market, a detailed knowledge of the current aircraft sales and purchase landscape combined with an understanding of the trends in the general economic climate. With this knowledge it is possible to make surprisingly precise forecasts regarding prices and trends, model by model within the aircraft marketplace. Thus, the savvy aircraft purchaser knows when it is time to make a move into the market several months in advance.

By closely following the market and being in direct contact with aircraft owners on a daily basis, and having a dedicated analysis department, World Jet Trading always has this knowledge.


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