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During our long history, World Jet Trading’s Analysis Department, has followed the leasing, charter, and commercial aviation industry closely. Since 1978, the analysis department has gathered information regarding trends, bankruptcies, and successes in these markets. This profound information allows World Jet Trading Analysis Department to create comprehensive analysis in all aspects of aviation.

World Jet Trading has a professional and objective approach in analyzing the market or your business whether it is within leasing, charter, or commercial aviation, suited to your needs.

Being a company that is founded by a pilot, World Jet Trading has since the beginning had a profound knowledge and continuously monitored the commercial aviation. Both within the continental, intercontinental and regional aviation. Furthermore, having a close and long-lasting relationship to every aspect of the aviation industry, World Jet Trading has access to expert knowledge within every aspect of the supply chain of the aviation industry.

In addition, we can give consulting to leasing companies in the present situation.

Risk Analysis

Ever since Jimmy Carter liberalised the airline industry in October 1978, aviation has become ever increasingly competitive. The structures have been continually changing ever since. The airline industry’s profit margin has been steadily squeezed while having had exponential growth in volatility. Due to the equity being very low in the airline industry, it is close to impossible to make money in the long run in the airline industry.

Furthermore, very often in the aviation industry the depreciation of an aircraft is highly miscalculated. The difference between commercial and corporate aircraft is that in an economic upturn depreciation of a corporate aircraft can change, it does not for a commercial aircraft.

Generally, most investors that invest in aviation lose money because they do not have an understanding of it. We can support investors in the investment decision, mitigating the risk of loss.

Commercial Aviation Manufactures

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