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World Jet Trading is experts in analyzing the market for Business Jets and provide a professional overview of the current market situation, or the trends for a specific model. We are a part of the Barclays research team who develops the Barclays Business Report.

What is necessary is a complete picture and understanding of the historical aircraft market, a detailed knowledge of the current aircraft sales and purchase landscape combined with an understanding of the trends in the general economic climate. With this knowledge it is possible to make surprisingly precise forecasts regarding prices and trends, model by model within the aircraft marketplace. Thus, the savvy aircraft purchaser knows when it is time to make a move into the market several months in advance.

By closely following the market and being in direct contact with aircraft owners on a daily basis, and having a dedicated analysis department, World Jet Trading always has this knowledge.

The internal data World Jet Trading has collected originates back to 1978. These data are matched with the global macro economy since the production of corporate jet aircraft starts in 1962.

Aircraft price evaluation content                               


  • True value of the aircraft
  • Aircraft overall status and maintenance
  • Market opertunities

2.Used market situation

  • Overview of the current market for the respective aircraft model (amount, prices, S/N, time/ hours etc.)
  • Where is your aircraft in the global market?
  • Off market research
  • Information on similar/ competitive models, which can affect the price and possibility of selling.

3. Individual aircraft specifications examination


 4.Manufacture comparison in the large cabin category (Embraer, Gulfstream, Bombardier and Dassault Aviation).

  • Competitive situation and US dollar market share
  • Deliveries over the years and accumulated/ total deliveries
  • Similar aircraft models comparison (range, speed, volume, payload, average asking price etc.)

5. Why the Bluebook price isn’t the true value

  • Examples of Bluebook miscalculations
  • What Bluebook does wrong in their aircraft price evaluation

6. Macro economical observations in the business jet market and in general – global aircraft market trends (including price reduction patterns/ announcements etc.)

  • Broker price indication – where are the prices heading according to the brokers themselves
  • Costumer interest survey – How has the number of inquiries developed
  • Leading indicators – where is the global financial market heading
  • Short comments on other macro economical situations and their effect on the aircraft market (the election of Trump, BREXIT  for example)


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