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World Jet Trading was established in 1978 by Kristian L. Hougaard, who had accumulated a significant base of knowledge of the aircraft industry as a Boeing 707 captain.

Since this time World Jet Trading has sold and purchased corporate jet aircraft on a worldwide scale to a diverse set of clients including large corporations, high net worth individuals, public institutions, and governments.

From our business location in Copenhagen, Denmark we have a solid global coverage, allowing us to work with clients in the Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and North and South America, all in the course of a normal business day.

Being an independent trading organization with good relations to maintenance facilities, management companies, operators, etc., the services are truly objective and headed directly at the actual buyer and seller.

By operating this way World Jet Trading ApS has always managed to establish the fastest, most professional, and most economical lines of communications between the different parties involved in an aircraft transaction.


 – Founder & President

Kristian L. Hougaard is the founder and president of World Jet Trading. Kristian have many years of experience within aviation even before he founded World Jet Trading.

Ever since the beginning Kristian have realised the importance of in depth knowledge. Therefore, he founded the analysis department of World Jet Trading.



  • Founder and owner of the company Dansk Rundflyvnings Selskab (Danish cross-country aviation).
  • Founder and owner of the company World Jet Trading in 1980.

Management competence:  

  • Founder and leader of Danish cross-country aviation from.
  • Flight instructor
  • Airline Captain
  • Founder and leader of World Jet Trading from 1980 until today.
  • Have bought and sold business jets in 42 countries, which covers 38 different models and types.


  • Flight instructor
  • Chief of flying school
  • Instructor at the Danish Aviation School.
  • Founder of the company Danish  cross-country aviation. Number of passengers 100.000. Where 60% of the passengers were Germans, 20 % Scandinavian, 10 % were from the Netherlands and 10% were from other nationalities. Flying surveillance over West Denmark. Alarmed two forest fires twice in the large Danish Recreation Forest.
  • Employed as a airplane pilot by Mærsk Air.
  • Co-pilot F27 Fokker Friendship passenger airplane.
  • Member of the board of the pilot union representing co-pilots and first officers.
  • Our first imported aircraft from USA to Denmark, a Cessna 172, a 3-persons aircraft,
    for cross-country flight.
  • Transition course at Mærsk Air, Boeing 707/720 B four engine jet passenger aircraft (187 passengers)
  • Promoted to Airline Captain in Mærsk Air Copenhagen. 31 years old.
  • Our First sold business jet in Denmark, Cessna Citation 500.
  • Founded World Jet Trading, a global corporate jet aircraft trading company.
  • Go from Mærsk Air Flight time = 10.000 hours., to focus on developing World Jet Trading.
  • Commercial development of Capital Market Analysis Program
  • Developing strategies in micro- and macro analysis in the Capital Market.


  • High school education in Nørresundby, Denmark
  • Private pilot license
  • Commercial pilot license and instrument rating.
  • Flight Instructor class 2 (Private pilots)
  • Flight Instructor class 1 (commercial pilots)
  • Stage 4 accounting and revision at the Copenhagen Business Academy
  • Stage 4 in corporate correspondence at the Copenhagen Business Academy
  • Stage 4 in mathematics at the Copenhagen Business Academy
  • Copenhagen Business School CBS, Copenhagen University,     MBA (not completed)


  • Danish – Mother tongue
  • English – Writes and speaks professionally
  • German – Speaks and understand


  • Veteran flight


 – 52 Aircraft Types bought and sold

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