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World Jet Trading was established in 1978 by Kristian L. Hougaard, who had accumulated a significant base of knowledge of the aircraft industry as a Boeing 707 captain.

Since this time World Jet Trading has sold and purchased corporate jet aircraft on a worldwide scale to a diverse set of clients including large corporations, high net worth individuals, public institutions, and governments.

From our business location in Copenhagen, Denmark we have a solid global coverage, allowing us to work with clients in the Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and North and South America, all in the course of a normal business day.

Being an independent trading organization with good relations to maintenance facilities, management companies, operators, etc., the services are truly objective and headed directly at the actual buyer and seller.

By operating this way World Jet Trading ApS has always managed to establish the fastest, most professional, and most economical lines of communications between the different parties involved in an aircraft transaction.

World Jet Trading has long been a first mover within the corporate aviation industry. We understood the importance of the pricing development and pricing formation in the capital markets and macro economic movements’ influence in the general and corporate aviation market. Therefore, World Jet Trading started the creation of a platform that could comprise and analyze this knowledge with the knowledge of the aviation industry.

Hence, World Jet Trading engaged heavily in software development, in order to optimize data collection and processing to use in analysis. This resulted in the first of its kind corporate aircraft trading platform. The Aircraft Information Systems (AIS) Platform.

This comprehensive database and trading platform laid the foundation for World Jet Trading’s Analysis Department.

In order to further develop and optimize our knowledge on the capital market, we have invested heavily in a capital market analysis. This has resulted in a cutting edge analysis and trading platform to continuously improve our analysis and forecasting capabilities in the capital market, in order to analyze the effect on aircraft values.

Kristian L. Hougaard

 – Founder & President

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Kristian L. Hougaard is the founder and president of World Jet Trading. Kristian has many years of experience within aviation even before he founded World Jet Trading.

Before founding World Jet Trading, Kristian L. Hougaard was a pilot instructor for the Danish Aviation School and a pilot for the Danish airline Mærsk Air. In addition, Kristian L. Hougaard, was the founder and owner of the company Dansk Rundflyvnings Selskab (Danish cross-country aviation) Flying surveillance and tourists over West Denmark. Alarmed two forest fires twice in the large Danish Recreation Forest.

Kristian L. Hougaard, is educated as a commercial pilot as well as flight instructor. Additionally, he is educated from Copenhagen Business Academy, and started an MBA at Copenhagen Business School.

Ever since the beginning of World Jet Trading Kristian L. Hougaard have realised the importance of in-depth knowledge. Therefore, he founded the analysis department of World Jet Trading.

For more than 10 years Kristian L. Hougaard has invested a considerable amount of time and money in establishing a comprehensive capital market analysis and trading platform, in order to evaluate and forecast aircraft values.

Our Team

Emil Borres Jensen 

Vice President

Ida Sophia Tzannis

Analysis Team

Christian Sørensen

Sales Team

Alan Sønder


Niels Jensen


Manas Jabbar 

Sales Team

Morten Bodeholt

Sales Team

Andreas Vang 

Analysis Team

Poul Dose


Fact Sheet

 – 52 Aircraft Types bought and sold

World Jet Trading historical landmarks in aircraft trading:

  • First Gulfstream IV sold in Mexico
  • First Learjet 60 sold in Estonia
  • First Learjet 31A sold in Estonia
  • First Turbo Commander 680 sold in New Zealand
  • First IAI Astra Jet sold in Japan
  • First Cessna 441 Conquest sold in Belgium
  • First Cessna Citation I sold in Portugal
  • First Boeing BBJ sold in Kazakhstan
  • First Challenger 604 sold in Kazakhstan
  • First Gulfstream II B sold in Mexico
  • First Falcon 900 sold in Belgium
  • First Kingair 200 sold in Tanzania
  • First Falcon 20 sold in Australia
  • First Kingair 200/Cargo door sold in Australia
  • Learjet 60/55 aircraft type certified in Scandinavia

World Jet Trading IT: World Jet Trading started early on with an IT department and software development. This resulted in World Jet Trading developing the industry’s first corporate jet trading platform. Since then World Jet Trading has been on the forefront of utilizing IT tools. Today, World Jet Trading utilizes several highly regarded and developed online databases and trading platforms, in order to be able to provide the best possible market and pricing analysis.

Aircraft bought and sold in 40 countries
Cayman Island
New Zealand
Papa New Guinea
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Kingdom
  36 Aircraft Types bought and sold
Boeing BBJ
Gulfstream II
Gulfstream II B
Gulfstream III
Gulfstream IV
Gulfstream IV SP
Dassault Falcon 10
Dassault Falcon 20
Dassault Falcon 50
Dassault Falcon 900
Bombardier Challenger 600
Bombardier Challenger 601
Bombardier Challenger 601 3A
Bombardier Challenger 601 3R
Bombardier Challenger 604
Cessna Citation Jet
Cessna Citation 500
Cessna Citation I
Cessna Citation II
Cessna Citation III
Cessna Citation VII
Embraer Legacy 600
Embraer Lineage 1000
Bombardier Learjet 31A
Bombardier Learjet 35
Bombardier Learjet 35A
Bombardier Learjet 36A
Bombardier Learjet 45
Bombardier Learjet 55
Bombardier Learjet 60
IAI Astra Jet
Cessna Conquest 441
Turbo Commander 680
Turbo Commander 690
King Air 90
King Air 200

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